Acne: How I Cope, Honestly.

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Now before I start this ‘beauty’ side of things and pretend I’m all perfect (but I’ve really just put a JCB load of foundation on AND put blemish remover on my pics) I want to get one thing very clear.. MY. SKIN. HATES ME. That’s the first time I’ve said it online (apart from insta this year) and you probably wouldn’t have guessed from my photos unless you see me in person.. you’re well and truly catfished (sorry).

For a number of years, I’ve struggled with highly sought afteracne.


This picture is the reason it’s taken me so long to post! Very self conscious indeed! Taken in 2015.

This was me at my absolute worst about 3 years ago, and at the time I didn’t realise how bad it was – it’s only looking back that I could see how bad it was (this still isn’t as bad as some cases) – this was also the photo I showed the doctors who put me on the medication.

I’ve been on numerous types of medication, creams, treatments and antibiotics – and some did actually work, yes! But I was taken off them because I wasn’t having regular blood tests and they can kill my kidneys. Apparently – that’s bad?

Sometimes people look at me in confusion, almost as if they’re wondering why you don’t wash your face or put spot cream on? Have they not seen the adverts? (Like Clearasil solves everything! *extreme levels of sarcasm*) Oh, they need that product I saw on QVC, that’ll fix them. – *my eyes have rolled away*

SO.. here we are now, no medication, just skin products and good old soap and water.

How am I fairing? Not that great to be frank.

I find that I get infections on my face much more quickly now – I won’t lie if something is on my face and is causing me pain.. I will gauge the absolute manure out of it. #instantregrets but I’d rather a red lump than a throbbing pressure thanks.

It’s also something I do if I’m bored or anxious. I used to pull out my eyebrows and eyelashes though so I mean, neither is brilliant?

Thus I am left with splotches, pigmentation issues, dry flaky patches and ‘scabs’; I can’t stand the word scabs it sends shivers down my spine bleugh!

So? Cover them up – it’s what concealer is for.. duh?!

NOPE – you can’t… well I mean you could. There’s just something about concealer sitting in cracks of injured skin that just doesn’t give off that naturally flawless vibe we all want, you know?

To be honest, I have just accepted that I have acne, and I probably always will (unless I’m willing to sacrifice my kidneys). I have EXTREMELY oily skin! No seriously, blotting paper? Suck a toe. I’ll finish 4 on my forehead before I can move on. I have to have a tissue unless you actually want to fry an egg on my face.. no worries! After about an hour, I’ll be shining brighter than diamonds yet again.

It’s mainly on my face now, I used to have it really bad on my shoulders (still do sometimes!)– the most self-conscious time in my life let me tell you, wouldn’t ever get my shoulders out! #deadsummer

I’m like a cheetah! My spots make me who I am! No that’s not what I meant.. point is, I know that acne is just part of me now and if people don’t like it, they can look away.

Yes, I am aware I have red spots all over my face, no, it’s not red pen, I don’t have the chicken pox (yes I’ve been asked these several times, really) – I am self-conscious of it, obviously. I only take selfies on my good days! Even then they have an extravagant filter over them.

Maybe in time, I’ll learn to love my skin the way it is. I don’t half get jealous when someone with tiny pores and zero texture comes my way though! As in my sister!!

You’re not alone if you have acne, it’s common and most people will get it at some point during there lives. I haven’t figured out why I have mine yet – I’ll let you know if I do!

I’ve cut out dairy, cut down on caffeine, wash my face twice a day and keep my skin moisturised. I don’t drink enough water though and I must stop touching my face.

My acne is very rarely ‘white heads’ and surface marks too. These days I suffer from a lot of cystic acne, I can have a spot that will grow in 10 mins and then go down again by the end of the day. I can have one that will be there for a week until it comes to the surface. They’re painful and if they’re in certain places, you can’t pull facial expressions without getting a twinge.

I didn’t suffer with acne as a teen and it all started when I left school and went to work – I’m well aware that stress could be a causer here. (I actually think it is the main cause looking back if that’s even possible!)

Good luck with all your skincare journeys if you’re on one! I’ll be posting more on products soon! This was just the introduction to let you know that, I’m gonna be keeping it real around here and that there is no point running from flaws.

Thanks for reading!

Kara xo




I haven’t posted in a while, but I need to write – so let me have this space for a minute.

Yesterday evening I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life as of yet.

We made the choice to euthanise our little old man Scruffy after he had broken his leg and was too old and fragile to retain any treatment. No one prepares you for this, I felt sick to my stomach but remained strong for him.. because he was the bravest little thing I’d seen for a long time.

I first met Scruff when I was around 4/5, and he has been in my life since, right up to his 18th birthday, which would be the day he would peacefully pass.

I don’t remember to many childhood memories, but I remember Scruff, the good times and a few scares we had with him.. oddly we rescued him with a broken leg and his owner wanted to put him down when he was just a pup, we took him in and got him all fixed up – from there he became a fully fledged Davies and he was welcomed with open arms! We were so excited we had a pet dog!!

Scruff (I called him Puff, Puffy) was motivated daily by his love for food, but the most famous of his cravings was his desire for cheese. Whenever it was around, so was Scruff, he was certainly a little character!

I’ve met a few dogs in my lifetime, some we trialled as a companion for him, and some I’ve seen in other households – I’ve never seen a dog as gentlemanly as Scruff and even at the vets and on the way there in the car, despite his broke leg, he kept putting his paw up asking for the treats I was carrying with me! He was a gentlemen ’til the day he died.

I always described Scruff as the Duke of Edinburgh, I have no idea why, I don’t even know anything about it but for some reason I feel like he would’ve had a mild, posh Scottish accent if that’s even a thing and there was something about the title that fitted him. He didn’t move all day, and if you threw a ball he’d look at you wondering what the hell you’re doing and asking where’s the food then? Right from the day we got him, he’d never held a ball in his mouth!

Even though he had this cheeky greedy side, he was the most gentle creature I’ve ever seen, when new people would ask if he’s friendly we have to laugh every time because he wouldn’t hurt anything on purpose! He didn’t have a bad bone in his body!

Yesterday was his 18th birthday and by this point yes, he had a fair share of health issues, as to be expected by a man of his age! I didn’t expect his body to be so fragile, part of me feels guilty, but the day before he was running about with excitement and wagging his tail for cheese. I guess you never know when time is up.

I made the choice to stay with him whilst he fell to his forever sleep alongside my dad, I held his head, and stroked his ears, and kissed him on the head as he passed. After I hugged his body and wept. It was quicker than I expected and over before I realised, he didn’t wimper at all through any of the process he was so brave but he wasn’t in pain anymore, he was calm. No one can prepare you for this. He was laid just like he did when he took his grandad naps on the sofa.

The only thing I could say that wasn’t to Scruff was ‘this is rubbish’ through my tears.

On the way home I was filled with sadness to the point I was almost numb, I couldn’t believe we’ve just had to put our man down and noticed all the bumps on the road on the way home, occasionally wiping the tears that rolled cold on my neck.

Scruffy was a true Davies, he always will be and I am forever grateful he was there to listen to me when I needed someone to talk to, the way he pottered around the house, and sat in his favourite spots in the garden.

I know I can say on behalf of my family that you are so loved and will never be forgotten.. you were supposed to have your hair cut today, a proper grooming session – but I suppose we got you as a scruffy dog, and true to your name, you left just as scruffy, you always were a little stubborn! It was just your time.

Fly high old man, order yourself a cheese buffet and get munching even though you had a belly full of treats when you went, you deserve the whole world!

I’m absolutely heartbroken, I hope you knew that we all loved you, we really truly did.

This was Scruffy on his 18th birthday, on the way to the vets, just before he passed.

Kara xo

5 Things: To Do To Know Your Limits


Welcome back cherubs!

I have a serious one today, I know I know.. BUT it means a lot to me that I get this out there! This is for everyone whether you think you’re fine or not and this will make sense why in a moment!

SO, Know your Limits.

What’s a limit first of all?

A limit is a point in which something stops, it cannot continue, it’s a cup of tea filled to the brim and you have to either tip or sip in order to make it up the stairs! (My definition of limit btw, surprisingly, I didn’t pull that from the dictionary).

Now humans are not wired quite the same as one another. Our brains are different by nature and nurture – the people around us, our environment, our era, genetics and so on – everything impacts on who you become!

So when I say know YOUR limit, I mean just that! It won’t be the same as mine and it won’t be the same as Brenda’s from next door bless her heart.

With that in mind people’s stress levels are different and as humans, we experience lots of different emotions every day.

These 5 steps help to realise how you’re feeling, why and what you can do about it. I also share my own story at the end if you really want to stick around! It’s why it’s important I get this out there for others to see!

1. Evaluate yourself

Take a step back and look at your health and situation. Would you say you look happy.. stressed? Look in the mirror and reflect (pun 100% intended, wow your welcome) How are you today? Why do you feel that way? Pretend to be a posh therapist and dig at yourself! You need answers, be honest and get it off your chest!

Admitting that something is a bit off is the first step to getting back on track!

2. Take time off (when needed)

When I was working; even if I felt really ill, I would go to work anyway out of guilt, the number of times my dad and partner told me to rest! Cor blimey! Even friends at work were telling me to go home occasionally but I pressured myself into thinking I had to go because I don’t like letting people down. Clearly, when you’re ill you need to rest. I let things pile up. Don’t do that, let yourself rest if you really need it!

3. Keep a diary

The tone of your voice says everything about the way you feel. Write how you feel in the moment and go back to look at your week – are all your weeks the same Negative Norman and Sad Susan? Then you need to do something about it! Get Positive Pat back!

4. Sooner than later

You need to realise your well-being early (if you can) otherwise you end up stuck in a rut. It’s hard to get out and you almost feel guilty that you feel so down and everyone else is having a good time not really understanding your stress. Sometimes the people around you may notice a change in you before you notice it yourself. It really can be that subtle.

5. Talk to someone

When I knew I wasn’t right I asked the people around me how I was – my family and partner told me the same thing they had been telling me for months. ‘I wasn’t happy’ but I just couldn’t accept it.. I finally realised that it was so obvious I wasn’t happy and that my mental health was now being stretched too far. Even when I did realise it took me a while to step up and do something about it! Talk to a relative, a friend and if you are really concerned; a doctor!

Why I made this post!

I had a major panic attack as a result of me leaving things too late, ended up on medication and getting signed off work. I was petrified because it was so not me! I’m normally a happy bubbly person and I let myself turn to a miserable git who was actually really broken.

I woke up in the middle of the night; the morning I started work again with what I thought, was genuinely a heart attack. I’ve never been so scared in my life! No one was awake and I couldn’t breathe deep enough to make a sound so nobody could hear me. I had to position myself so I was comfortable enough so that it didn’t hurt as bad and I could take bigger breaths! I was crying but had to stop because I couldn’t take the deep breaths in you do when you cry!! I sat for a good 45 minutes without moving trying to calm myself. Before eventually waking my dad up with a whimpered cry!

It was that day I finally did something about it, mainly because my dad was debating whether to get me to A and E. I rang the doctors and got help and there she said I had suffered a panic attack and I poured my heart out to this poor doctor! Honestly surprised she didn’t drown in my tears.

Don’t leave it late like I did. If you sense that you’re slipping away from who you normally are, do these steps! Know your limits. Turns out my stress limit isn’t big at all, I get stressed very easily! Maybe too easily actually! I’ll be writing a post on the 5 ways I take care of myself soon so that you can see my next part of the little journey I had!

It’s so important to put number 1 first! (which is you btw, not work or anyone else!)

Thank you for reading! Speak soon!

Kara xo

Sweet Chickpea & Tomato Curry – Easy Vegan Recipe


Hello friends, another recipe?! WHAAAAAT!

Yes, this is an impromptu post, to say the least! I’m writing this recipe as I’m eating because you need to know it and my memory is like a fish!! I went downstairs to make a simple curry dish and came back upstairs with this thing! Marvellous!

So this is a simple dish that is fairly sweet with a little cheeky kick of spice! I don’t like spicy food so I made mine quite mild, but you could easily make this one pop a bit more!

I don’t really know if it’s a curry either by curry standards, but it’s nice and that’s all I care about!


  • 1 can of chopped tomatoes
  • Half a large white onion (chopped)
  • Half a can of chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
  • Long Grain Rice (I didn’t measure this so for portion size I’m gonna go with ‘enough for what you need’ – wow so professional I know)
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper (chopped)
  • Mild Curry powder 2 heaped Tsps
  • Cinnamon 1/4 Tsp
  • Garlic 1 Tsp
  • Cumin 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Oil (I used Olive Oil)
  • Tomato Puree


Set your washed rice to boil and keep it covered, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t stick! If you want to cheat just use microwave rice and bung it in the last few minutes!

Fry onions and peppers in oil until they start to brown

Add half a tin of washed chickpeas into the pan with a little bit of the tinned tomatoes just to start embedding flavours!

Here you are going to add your spices! Garlic (1 tsp), Cumin (1 tsp), Salt, Curry Powder (2 tsps), Cinnamon (1/4 tsp probably not even that – this is strong be careful!)

As the tomato sauce starts to get soaked into the scrummy veg, you can add the rest of the tin of tomatoes on top!

Then add a tablespoon of tomato puree into the mix!

Let it cook and simmer until the sauce evaporates and becomes thicker, here you want to do your taste tests and see if anything needs adding to the preference of your tastebuddyolas!

I took mine off the heat when the rice was done and it was perfect!

Serve up as I have and enjoy! You boshed it!


There aren’t many ingredients in this one but the spices do most of the work in this one! If you wanted the recipe a bit more filling then you can add potato to the mix! If it’s too sweet, add green peppers instead of red! Play around with the spices – anything is possible!

Let me know if you make it!

Kara xo

Vegan Life Live 2018

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Welcome back, friends!!

This post is all about my time at the Vegan Life Live event so if you’re not particularly bothered about this, I’ll see you on the next one (no hard feelings!!)


So thankfully one of my dearest blogger friends CompletelyChelle, had given me the two tickets as she was unable to go, it was an extremely kind gesture and I’m incredibly grateful so thank you to you Chelle first of all, else this post wouldn’t be happening! Go check out her blog if you want all things cruelty-free and vegan!

As promised, I’m writing about the day! Good bits and bad bits! I don’t mess about! I’ll be talking freebies and fun so if you’ve never been to this event before, here’s what to expect!

The journey up to London!

We set off nice and early on Sunday morning (8:30 if you must know) and arrived in London around 11am! We went by coach as it’s much cheaper! The journey itself was fairly easy actually, I’m a good sign reader (wow, skills) so finding our way wasn’t too much of a problem although I would no way have done it on my own and my mum said the same!

Hats off to those living in London, I honestly don’t know how you do it – but it’s stress central for me!

So what did we expect?

Looking at the site it was fairly obvious what to was going to happen and I was expecting it to be busy just by going off the number of people that signed up to Veganuary (150,000 signed up!) I could tell this event would have a similar interest – IT WAS PACKED!


We hoped for a few cheeky goodies and upon arrival, we were given a little goody bag with some Vita Coco coconut oil (coconut oil is so handy, so this was amazing!) and some leaflets – plus a little map of the stalls inside!

The setting was absolutely stunning, based in Alexandra Palace (I have never been before). After we got through the giant blue doors we entered into a room as what I can only describe as heaven!


It was FULL of plants, the tropical looking ones at that, they were as high as the ceiling and in the corner of the room; sat a little waffle cart!

The smell was lingering throughout the room and it was the cosiest greeting ever after being outside in the winter chill!

I immediately ran to the nearest leaf and had a photo with it, of course, I did. After the little photo shoot, we plodded on forth towards the big hall where all the goodies were!

I must admit there was a big sense of community when I entered, I was excited at the thought of not having to check whether anything was vegan, if the cafes would carry soya milk – it was a comforting feeling with no pressure in that sense.

Unfortunately, as suspected, it was chokka block. I took Mumma Bear with me, she knows how to get through crowds of people… I don’t. So she led the way but we did get separated a few times as I got trapped between chairs waiting for a gap in the fast-moving queues!

So what was there?

Tables, stands, FREEBIES! Now I went on a fairly empty stomach, we both did. Our tummies were really wanting some food when we arrived (I had the painful tummy rumbles, yes it was that bad!).


We had nothing to fear when it came to the food, although I dread to think how much sugar we actually consumed from the several chopped up pieces of energy balls and cereal bars, not to mention the brownies pieces, flapjack, crisps and copious amounts of dark chocolate!!

The good bits?!

It was a good opportunity to explore and discover new brands that aren’t mainstream but produce the goods for us goers! Many of the stands had little samples ready for us to devour.. and we did, maybe a little too much! In fact so much so that I struggled to eat the actual piece of food I paid for!! Left there feeling like I could pop!

There was a food court, live music and educational speakers and cooking demonstrations at different times; all of which you could attend at certain times as shown on the guide.


The bad bits?!

Unfortunately, there were far too many people in the room and although it’s London and it’s used to crowds and holding a large capacity of humans. My brain is not and it became very overwhelming for me very quickly! In fact, there was one point in which I tried to venture off on my own to get food and nearly ended up in tears (but that’s my own issue). Food had sold out fairly quick, gutted because I really wanted to try the Eat Mac’n Mac and Cheese there! But I did manage to grab a posh hot dog from Pig Out!


Because it was so busy and like most places in London, it was a mad dash for the seat that had just become available! Again, expected but it’s not a lifestyle I’m used to and I really don’t do well with crowds!



Overall I really enjoyed myself as did my mum who is a meat eater, she discovered oat milk and said she couldn’t really taste the difference in her coffee (and she’s fussy with milk!). We also got to try seitan which I’d only heard of before!

It was great to discover a variety of new brands! I’ll leave below some of the companies I discovered so you can check them out!

Adonis – These guys had a stand full of little brownies that were absolutely delicious! As soon as I tried them I said, yes, they’re going on the blog! They were low in sugar and this is what they were promoting! Healthy yummy snacks, without the blood sugar spike afterwards!

Fit Pit – These two lovely ladies at the stand had natural deodorant made from shea butter and coconut oil with bicarbonate of soda that prevents you stinking any rooms out! It was a lovely formula that melted into the skin – it’s natural and very kind to your skin! – Go check them out if you’re looking for a new deodorant!

Deliciously Ella – Not the smallest brand anymore, however, their stall was absolutely lovely and I think they said that the whole range of energy balls and cereal bars was there so I tried a bit of everything! They were all divine and that’s why they’re on the list! Plus the packaging is so cute!!

LoveSeitan – These guys were the ones who gave me the seitan! It’s a strong tasting meat substitute, I need some in my life because I know it would be amazing in a stir-fry!! *drool*

If you’d like to attend a vegan event then check this site out! It looks like a very cute event!!

Thank you so much for reading friends!

Kara xo

5 Things: About Instagram Themes!


Hello friends, welcome back!

Now! You’ll either get on board with this or you won’t. Me? On board!

With themes, however, whilst it’s so inspiring and relaxing to see a feed to perfectly aligned with the stars. It doesn’t just happen on its own. So I’ve put together a list of 5 things about Instagram themes that you may want to consider before delving into the ‘perfect feed‘ world!

1. Be prepared to sacrifice!

A touch dramatic I know but what’s new. Now many themes follow the idea of matching colours, maybe you incorporate flowers in each picture somewhere. So yes, whilst it’s pretty, it means that any photos that don’t match your theme, you can’t post – unless you want to sacrifice all your hard work for one photo! So instead you’ll be sacrificing photos and memories that you perhaps deeply treasure and can’t share due to this reason. You can choose to put these on IG Stories though?! My IG story is one I use daily and almost picture blog/vlog my days – it is never pristine and nice and especially now these GIFs are out… it’s trashy and funky and I love it!

2. Plan!

Yes, really. Now I use a number of apps when it comes to editing and planning my feed. Backgrounds and colours may mismatch and it’s a huff and puff moment when two photos just don’t sit right next to each other. If you’re a somewhat perfectionist. This will make your skin crawl. So plan in advance and make sure you have a consistency within your feed!

3. Lighting

Now, this goes with any photography and if you’re going to have a theme, you’ll develop basic skills and a good eye for sunspots for your grid! However, you may have a dark theme so you may need low light for all of your photos, good if you want the gritty, old-school effect. If you want clean and crisp look like mine your best bet is to use natural lighting! Morning to Midday is the time I take mine as that is when the sun is in my room. Yes, it is a bit extra. But themes are hard work!!

4. Consistency and patience

You won’t start to see your IG page look fabulous after a few photos. It’s a project that you build, its directed by you, created by you and loved by you (and other’s if you’re lucky!). Don’t expect results overnight, watch it grow and develop, the more photos on your feed the better it will look, when your whole page is covered in gloriousness, that’s when you can stand back and admire your work! Others will too, I get quite a few comments from friends saying they appreciate my page, so hard work pays off!

5. Don’t Give Up!

Quite a few start their feed off and lose it, and it literally can take one photo to throw it all off, it’s happened on my account a few times and the rest of the pictures after just snowball into what might as well be a glorified Camera Roll. If you feel a photo isn’t right after uploading, you can delete it quickly and readjust. I do this many a time, nobody is perfect!

Have fun with your Instagram, I know the dreaded algorithm is throwing people off in a tizzy and rightly so, but I just post my photos because I like themes, photography and editing and that’s that! It is a somewhat escape and it’s surprising how beautiful filters make your feeds look!

Play around with the filters already on Instagram, choosing the same one over and over again will start you off with a good colour base and can finish photos off perfectly.

I’ll link a few of the accounts I’ve been loving so you get an idea of different themes!

My one (A minimal and simple theme, focusing on white and bright – plants and patterns!): @eldeeable


Just A Uniform (If you want some colour in your life, her feed is literally a walking rainbow and she has the most amazing clothing pieces you’ve ever seen!): @justauniform


Kate Spiers (A bright and minimal feed again, focussing mainly on pops of pastel colours, it’s very calming and cosy!): @kate.lavie


Holly Jade (Cooking heaven, cakes galore, bright, minimal, clean with delicate colours. She makes the best cakes and her feed is just bloody beautiful!!): @thelittleblogofvegan


Check them all out!

Thank you for reading friends!

Kara xo

The WRONG Degree For Me?!


Houston, we have a bloody big problem.

Hello friends! Now you may not want to read this, this is just me having a breakdown and I get things off my chest by writing.

However, I will share this because it may help someone, if you’re having a breakdown too, get your ice cream lovey – 2 spoons let’s not mess about!


Here’s the thing – if you follow me on here you will know I’m a writer.. wasn’t always the case although I have always enjoyed it for sure! Since I was in year 6, I started writing songs. I had a whole folder of them and even performed one A CAPELLA.. yes A capella in the school talent show in year 7! (MEGA CRINGE can’t believe I did that).

Year 4, I knew I loved poetry when we had to do a winter piece, I did 2, put it in comic sans (of course) and added snowflakes around them in light blue. They both got put on the wall in the ICT suite where everyone walked by – it was a proud moment (must be if I still remember it).

Year 9, I rediscovered my love for poetry in the theme of writing about the World Wars… The teacher was impressed again and showed the GSCE teacher people thingys because she thought one of them had written it.

(This isn’t me bragging btw, this is just background on why I love writing (it’s the only thing I was praised for) and why I am now having a life crisis)

Skip to my Performing Arts days, (ALL of Secondary School and Sixth Form) towards the end of the Sixth Form I began my love for poetry again! In fact so much so I made a bloody book by the time I was 18. I had dabbled in media and written a script for a short film too. All during PA, the units I enjoyed the most were the ones we had to write EVERYTHING for, plan the script, set the stage, write the story, do the floor sequences.. I even planned the lighting path.

In fact, I have the librarian there to thank for my confidence in my writing! He told me to go for the things that make me happy!

Even now, to this degree! I wrote that poem about FAS and the tutor wanted it to show the Head of Department who apparently cried at it?!?


I’m saying it because, to be honest, I think I’m in the wrong degree. After school I didn’t look around for jobs, I went straight into an apprenticeship which led to a job which gave me panic attacks and stress so bad I was signed off. Now I’m doing a degree in it?! WHY? I don’t want to go back to a job that does that to me, for awful pay too? I’d rather be happy and broke.

My degree is Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Studies btw! The majority is policy, legislation and everything that makes you yawn. Here is why I know it’s not for me and why I’m wasting my time.

Every so often in the lectures, the tutors say ‘A lot of you will be working with children or adults when you leave here..‘ STOP. No, I don’t think I will. I don’t want to. Every time they say it I feel really out of place.

I’ve said from the start that I don’t feel like I necessarily fit in. To be frank, I probably won’t fit in, in this new degree anyway just because it’s just as academic but in a different way – but at least it will allow for some creativity which has all come FLOODING back since I left that job may I add!!

I’ve been looking at Creative and Professional Writing BA Hons. *I know.. “Well, what’s that gonna do for you?* 

Probably not a lot in terms of work, but neither is the degree I’m on now if I carry on with this attitude towards it!

In that degree, they have modules on poetry (got a book of it), short stories (one on the go), CHILDREN’S STORIES (YES my main interest and one on the go), Fiction, Non-Fiction, Blogging and Media writing (hello?!), Screenplays and scriptwriting (done PA all my life) – DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN.. ITS BLOODY MARVELLOUS AND ME. I honestly wanted to cry reading all of it because I do all of this anyway – even my parents agreed.

But it could be fun. That’s the factor I’m looking at here. I’m going off the term

‘A degree is a degree at the end of the day.’

This may not be true. It could also be true.

All I know is, every few years I always find my way back to writing. It’s never left me and I have started writing a short novel too. That must count for something?

My only issue with this degree is the fact that there may be reading involved. There will Kara, you’ll deffo have to read.

Problem is – I can’t read!!

Yes really, I’m still yet to do the Dyslexia test which I don’t think will come back as anything (that’s why I haven’t done it and it’s bloody expensive!). After talking to a tutor who specialises in it, she thinks I have Poor Working Memory and I think she’s right. I just cannot retain information doesn’t matter how many times I read something, it won’t make sense.

Now, of course, there are aids I could and would have to use in order to do readings. The programmes that read things out to you and so forth, audiobooks and things like that!

I need to speak to someone at the uni. My Mum said to take in all my writing bits and show it to them, after all, they may say I’m not a good enough writer at all to get on the course!


I never planned to change uni courses and it’s a pain in the booty if I’m honest.

If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it!

Is life too short to listen to policies all day that will change once you leave the course anyway?! That you have very little understanding and knowledge in?!

Thanks for letting me ramble friends!

I have many dreams for writing yes, but my main one? A class of 30 children sat worn out and tired – I want my book to be the one that’s read just before hometime! I know half won’t pay attention but some will and that’s enough!

Sorry, it wasn’t a very helpful post! I’m just experiencing a quarter-life crisis and you’re witnessing it!

Kara xo

5 Things: Every Student Must Do In 2018


So I want to carry on with this little 5 things series, I reckon it could turn out pretty cute!

Yes, my dearies, today I’m going to talk about the 5 Things Every Student Must Do In 2018!

So I’m a new student, 1st year, joined in September – a little sprout in the uni world (minus the oversized backpack!). I’ve already learnt a few things during my short time here in uni and I want to share with you what I’ve done in order to grow! Tag someone who is just starting uni, this may benefit them.

1. Grow up (don’t be alarmed I appreciate that’s harsh for the first one!).

Now I’m not saying put high heels on, your mother’s pearls and overpriced lippy. I’m talking mindset. Uni just isn’t the same as school, college or sixth form. There’s no dedicated school bus that comes and whisks you away. There are no detentions if you skip a class either! You have to do things for yourself and dig deep for self-motivation, and actually, you might really love your new found independence. Be proud of it!

It’s a big step of course but take it in your stride! You’ll handle it just fine and universities are very helpful when it comes to making sure students settle in okay! There is usually a union ran by lovely folks that sit tight waiting for someone to reach out for help!

2. Socialise!

So once you’ve settled in and done all the boring stuff; start your course and seek out friends! I tell you now – I wouldn’t have enjoyed uni if it wasn’t for the little gang I’ve met on my course! Get to know each other – the exciting thing about uni is that people gather from all over the country – sometimes a different country! It’s a fabulous way to extend your connections and learn new things! I love every single one of the people I’ve met and they have all taught me different things! Plus friends are the ones you can rely on to build you up when you’re down and hold your hair back when you’re elegantly spewing your guts out! (not speaking from experience thank goodness!)

They’re going to be with you for the next 3 years, so soak in every last drop of sunshine they radiate!

3. Push yourself! Do something you have never done before! Find something you really want to do and DO IT! (10 points for enthusiasm, I thank youuu)

I’ve started so many things this year that I just didn’t have the time or motivation to do! My blog, for example, is my outlet alongside university and although I use it as a procrastination pod way too often! It is my space that I can just forget about the world, or bury my head in it more.. hm… that’s deep. So! Find yourself an outlet/hobby, maybe you want to go to a festival this year, start a YT channel, even write a blog? Do something that allows you to have a separate outlet and a breather away from all the books!

Societies at uni are also a great way to learn more or discover new interests and passion projects! Whether you have just started or are the 3rd year in! Get involved!

4. Look forward!

I’m in my little world at the moment, it’s pretty marvellous I won’t lie! However, I will have to open my eyes and anticipate the prospect of jobs, job interviews, looking smart and being all adulty again at some point! (I literally wear glitter on my face to uni… I think I’m part fairy or something. It’s not even festival season?). Uni just brings out the inner 12-year old in me what can I say?

What I mean by this is, look at what options are available to you once you finish the course, some jobs need a Master’s degree so it’s about hitting all the right boxes to get you to where you need to be! It’s daunting I know, but we can do it!

5. ENJOY IT (cliche, bet you never saw that coming did you wow).

It’s true though?! These 3 years are going to fly by, it’s actually scary how quickly time passes the older you get. So embrace the time, say YES to opportunities (unless it’s drugs, say no to those). Use the time to discover yourself, discover friendship, discover knowledge.

Just be proud of who you are and where you have got. Universty is a just a step in your life journey, but it’s been the most important step in my life so far – I’ve enjoyed it all and count myself incredibly lucky I’m able to have a good education!

If you know anyone starting uni – tag them to let them know it’s not so bad!


Thank you for reading friends!

Kara xo

Edgy Veggie Pasta: Easy Vegan Recipe!


Hello friends!

So recently a few have suggested that I do some more foodie posts! Thank you for the suggestions first of all! And secondly.. I’m bloody doing one! Oi oiii!

Today I’m giving a simple pasta dish that I threw together in our little kitchen! Perfect for students and lazy people aka, me.

Not really sure what to call it – but it’s a herby oil based pasta coating with scrummy veg! Simple enough isn’t it!?

I’ll call it Edgy Veggie Pasta.. genius.

This dish turned out not bad you know! It was light and subtle with pops of flavour and colour from the vibrant tomatoes and peppers! (These adjectives wowzer..)


So I am a winger, as you know from previous posts! So bare with me!

You Will Need (this was for 1 serving cause I’m a loner):

Fusilli Pasta

Half a Bell Pepper (yellow and red are my faves I have to say)

Plum Tomatoes – I used 4, halved

Olive Oil (drizzled to stop the pasta sticking together and to spread the herbs!)

Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Chilli Flakes (optional)

Salt (pinch of it for seasoning)

Soft Cheese – (optional) I use Tesco’s own!

Parsley (not necessary just to be a posh git)


1. Chop up the pepper and make into little bite-size chunks.

2. Slice dem tomatoes in half, no messing here – keep it simple.

This is where multitasking comes in so brace yourselves!

3. You need to boil the water (I use a kettle and cheat) then plop the pasta in!

4. You want to put the peppers under the grill first and then about 5 mins in, let the tomatoes join the grill gang. These will take as long as the pasta to begin to char!

During this time everything is cooking at once! *I know, deep breathes babes you’ve got this* It takes about 20 mins overall for everything to be ready. Keep your eye on the veg, don’t need any firefighters making their way downtown now. (Tried so hard not to type the rest of the song then)


5. Last minute job, you want to drizzle Olive Oil over your drained pasta, tip in some herby goodness (Italian Seasoning) and a tiny bit of Garlic Powder (it’s strong) put in enough to lightly coat the pasta – you don’t want it too strong this isn’t a gourmet meal, keep it subtle. Unless you want to warn off vampires.. then knock ya self out. Also, add a few Chilli Flakes if you want a kick!

6. Mix it all together ’til it’s looking mighty fine, add a few (not all) of the grilled veggies in and mix again!

7. Serve up in a dish, place the remaining veg on top!

8. Sprinkle parsley on top (the M&S vibe, you saw it coming).

9. *optional* Add a little dollop of soft cheese onto the top to add a different pop of flavour – it worked really nice with the dish and was a last minute decision! Fully recommend! It works nicely to mild out the Chilli too!

10. Get it in your belly and smile gal!

Now you have to clean the mess you made or find something to put the mountain of pasta you have left in, cause you made too much?! I see you.

Thank you for reading friends!

Let me know if you make it!

Kara xo

5 Things: Why Plants Make Me Happy!


Now without sounding overly cringe here. I’m going to explain my love for plants because it’s a strong one. One that I don’t even know why it is – so let’s have a therapy session and work it out. Fun!

Firstly, one of the reasons why I love plants is the way they look, in fact, this is the main reason and the obvious one. They’re all different shapes and sizes, colours and shades – some are bright and beautiful and some are pretty bloody edgy.

The plants I have in my room are mainly succulents, cacti and they’re little – ones that I would struggle to kill!



Ed, Edd and Eddy – There is never an order they come as a trio! My first ever plants!


My love for plants really took off when I was in a garden centre (I hope it’s what heaven is like… without the bees tho cause they put me on edge) and I was given a tiny sprout from the man for free. (Honestly, the exchange was like something from a movie and my hands were glowing when it was put into mine)

I took the sprout home with no pot, no soil, just little pale leaves and 2 roots. I was guarding it with my life all the way home!

I got in and immediately found him a home, I placed him on a little plate and from there ‘it’ became ‘he’ and I named him Nemo because of the way he was given to me! (I felt like I was guarding the little egg, so cute)

Let me tell you. I have never seen a plant so happy and I’m not one for favourites (I am that’s a lie) – Nemo takes the cake every day. I’ll show you a photo of the day I got him, to today. He is beautiful!!!



Nemo’s 1st day! 07/06/2017




Nemo now! Just under a metre tall! 22/01/2018


Nemo is a Mother of Thousands plants and has produced lots and lots of grandchildren for me! Unfortunately, I can’t keep them else my whole room would be full of them!

My second reason to love them is that they give me a sense of responsibility.. without me they wouldn’t survive (I actually had a bit of a panic because I imagined I died but had no one to look after my friends) which gives me a purpose – every time I see them I feel happy inside and I know that they are working with me and the sun to live long and stick around!

I don’t know much about plants. I wish I did. But I have had my little friends in the window for a while now, they’re all still with me. I treat them to posh plant food every now and then and they get a boost!



Fearne! She was bought alongside my trio! I love her!!


The third reason is that you actually develop feelings for plants (not as in the ‘omg I wanna marry you’ way). I have developed a strong sense of pride in my little sun-loving friends! I get to watch them grow and looking at Nemo now, he’s grown hugely and is now blooming flowers!!

He is a full-on adult now! That’s quite an achievement to watch a plant grow from a few tiny leaves to a flowering beanstalk!

It was quite a shock to see him bloom and I wasn’t sure what coloured flowers he would have! They’re a peachy pink which is perfect for my room – we’re so in sync.



Flossy, easily the sassiest plant in town. Her hair is actual goals.


Fourth – they’re good for you! Plants are the lungs of the earth – and now the lungs in my room! They help to clean and keep the air fresh for myself and Rupert (my hamster, my little buddy). They are peaceful to look at, I don’t know much about statistics or anything posh. But I know that plants make a lot of people happy! There must be a reason for that?

Finally, plants make me happy because if you love them, they love you back. It’s science! Or something…

Everybody should invest in a plant! Project or friend, it’s fascinating to watch them grow and to know you’re a part of their journey is honestly so cute!

I will 100% be the crazy plant lady when I’m older! I cannot wait.


Thank you for reading friends!

Let me know if you get yourself a flowerpot friend!

Kara xo