Yes, My Nose is Big. I Rock It.

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Now, this has taken me some time to write and balls to post – it’s more an open post to myself and anyone who has a big nose or a ‘flaw’ you think you have – you’ll know who you are.

Since my pre-teens my nose has always been a thing – it went perfectly alongside my ears that stick out! Well throughout my teenage years I grew into my ears, and whilst they still stuck out, they weren’t ‘that‘ distracting.

My nose, however, grew with me. Oh, it also gained a sharp bone in the middle that adds a little speed bump to the runway!

See what I mean about the angle?! Looks huuge!

This is the angle I mean, do you see that?! WHOAAA

Now I won’t sit and say that my big nose is beautiful. I haven’t got there yet and maybe I never will – I do feel self-conscious from time to time if the angle in a photo is wrong (like the one above!!). I’ve even edited it in the past to make it smaller and remove my bump!

Through all this, I’m only making the problem in my head worse.. because whilst I was getting likes on my photo – I was concerned about somebody actually seeing me in person. (This is the same about my acne).

I’m not the only one who edits photos to remove blemishes sure, but to change your nose? What am I doing?

This has all stemmed because a modelling agency got back to me and wants me to ring and discuss work (yes, that’s random and mad I kno. It probably won’t happen but I’m deffo doing a post on it, either way, to let you know what happens bad or not- stay tuned!)

All my flaws have come to surface. Whilst I’ve accepted my acne (well aware they probs won’t) – my nose is a struggle.

Despite all of this and a huge pep talk from my sister, I’m going to wear this feature proudly. I’ve got it from my dad and he rocks his – so I’m bloody rocking mine.

To be honest, no one has ever mentioned anything that bad about my nose. Only one comment from someone who asked if I’d broken my nose before (that’s the bump talking I’m telling ya!).

From the front you can’t really tell that my nose is that big – it’s fairly wide but I have big round eyes and a massive smile that match. It’s only from the side you realise WHOAAA – even I still find it odd!

Me and my sister, she’s a gem! (also has a little button nose..)

I don’t edit my nose in photos anymore, I don’t have any apps that can do so either as this was all done when I edited on my computer (effort). I still get the same interaction with it and I still get compliments either way – which is actually a really lovely for me to hear and makes the whole thing a little easier to accept!

So thank you to my dad for blessing me with this very definitive feature.


I will do my best to wear it with pride! I actually like that my features aren’t all perfect and I’m enjoying my ears a lot more these days too!

I guess secretly I am a little mouse with a long nose and big ears!

Take some time to appreciate your insecurities, because they’re often the things that part you from the sea of boring!

Thank you for reading friends!

Keep on lovin’ yourself!

Kara xo


Vegan Lentil Bolognese (recipe)


Welcome back, friends!

I recently saw this and thought it sounded lovely! So tonight we can make it together!

Now I’m an avid ‘sprinkle of this and dash of that gal’ so we’ll see how this goes!

You will need:

2 carrots (sliced and quartered)

1 celery stick (chopped into small pieces)

6 mushrooms (sliced)

1 tin of green lentils

Parsley and mixed herbs

1 medium onion (chopped roughly)

2 garlic cloves (chopped and crushed to smithereens)

A sprinkle of nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon (optional) I’ll let you know if this was a good move was attempting to make it wintery! – update – it worked perfectly, I didn’t put too much in.


1 jar of bolognese sauce (this is cheating and I would normally make a sauce from tinned tomatoes)

Tomato puree (about a tablespoon)

Tagliatelle pasta (don’t over do it and make enough for the whole street)


Get a large pan, I used one that was too small so it took longer to cook!

Sauté onions in oil of your choice, I used olive oil.

Add the garlic, celery and mushroom til half cooked.

Add in the jar of bolognese sauce and lentils (drain and wash the lentils)

Add the carrots

Add in the tomato purée!

Here you can put in your herbs and salt

You may need to add water if the sauce is too thick else it won’t cook the carrots.

Cook on a medium to high heat, the sauce will need mixing frequently as it sticks to the bottom.

I didn’t time it I simply kept on cooking until the carrots were tender. Keep checking the carrots and when you feel like they’ll be done in about 10 mins.. start your pasta!

In a separate pot, heat water until boiling and add your tagliatelle! I used about 6 balls for 2 people.

Keep cooking and pretending your on master chef til everything is perfect!

Serve up and sprinkle some Parsley on top for that posh look and M&S vibe, I don’t mess around.

This went down so well in my with my Dad who said I should keep some for Mum to try cause she’d really like it! Now that’s a compliment!

Try this recipe next time you go shopping! It’s so wintery, hearty and warm!

Let me know if you make it and what you thought! I’ll have more scrummy food coming soon, see you then!

Kara xo

2018: Hopes and Dreams


So 2017 has finally ended. I have to say, I’m grateful – lots of good things happened for me this year. I worked for them and got the result I wanted. As ever days and nights have gone by which means another year rolls around!

This year I don’t have many things I would like to achieve, but more things that I want to finish and grow.

Writing my book: I want to finish my little book – the drawing is taking ages, not to mention writer’s block halfway through! I will overcome and conquer!!

Go to Uganda: I want to be able to go to Uganda and help in the volunteering project. It’s a big deal to me and I’ll be devastated if I can’t go!

Blogging: I want to carry on with this – hopefully it isn’t one of my 2-week wonders – although it has been over a month now. I’d like to think this is the place I can just get things off my chest and be part of a community!

Cooking: I want to explore more and more vegan recipes into which I can delve into! I want to taste more foods that I haven’t before – maybe this year I’ll cook with tofu?! Who knows!

Social Media’s: I have become very fond of my social media accounts.. have just rejoined twitter literally a week ago (@eldeeable) and as ever, my insta is my baby (@eldeeable). I want them to grow a little this year if possible.

Travel: I don’t move around that much, this year I want to get out and drive more – start driving on my own.. maybe take a trip to a new country this year!

Record memories!: A big one, I want to start recording more.. although I have a few days I can look back on, I want to grow them and pick up the camera more frequently!

and finally.. Survive Uni!

2017 – you’ve been a pleasure. It was full of ups and down, but such is life and I got through them all! I have felt my confidence grow massively this year and I’m finally starting to feel good about myself!

I’m ready for you 2018, come get me!

Kara xo

Forest & Shore: Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

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Today I’m going to be doing something very exciting! Absolutely cannot wait and trying not to squeal, but I must remain calm cause I’d like this to happen again!

I had never heard of Forest & Shore before, until one day when they reached out to me on Instagram, saying they loved my feed (thank you – there’s is beautiful too, check it out here! – Forest & Shore – Instagram) and asked if I wanted to try out one of their products to review.. *I squealed a bit, I can’t lie*. Obviously, I said yes after finding out that their brand is 100% VEGAN & Cruelty-Free! YIPPEEE!

Now I am not huge when it comes to looking after my hair. Very often I’ll let it do its own thing or bung it up! The only time I apply heat is usually through a hairdryer. My hair isn’t as damaged as it could be is what I’m saying. IMG_5406

Despite this, I am partial to the odd hair oil – which is why I accepted this offer with loving open arms.. (oh yeaah) Currently, I am using Garnier, OGX and The Body Shop as my most loved oils! However as some of you may know, not all of those brands are vegan so I’m slowly coming away from them!

Forest & Shore have kindly given me the Hallelujah Hair Oil for Dry or Damaged hair.

So let me talk to you about this honestly.

The Box


It’s simple, clean and minimalistic AND it has plants on. If I had a brand – it would be the exact same description! Anyone who knows me, knows I have an odd thing for trees, leaves and plants!

Typography is clean and it pairs well with the dainty flower doodles.

The box itself is sturdy and didn’t get battered in the mail – which is rare!!

The Bottle


Again the packaging is almost reminiscent of a medicine bottle, it feels luxurious in your hand as it is frosted glass – the sticker on the outside gives you the handmade feeling. (It’s dead cute and fresh!) 

The ingredients are listed with general information on the back of the bottle.IMG_5450

You want to know the best part?! Its got a pipette. YES… A PIPETTE. Does anyone else feel very adult and posh when you use these or just me? Either way, I’m very much here for it.

The top simply screws off and you’re good to go! Now to try it out!

It is hair wash day, so that’s why I’ve waited to do this until now! Normally I will wash my hair as usual and apply an oil just before my hair completely dries. I’ll sit and do my own thing for a while until I can be bothered to dry is slightly with my hairdryer… I’m usually on my Instagram doodling on my story and stalking pretty pictures. OR writing another blog post.. all the meanwhile I should be doing uni work! Ughh!


The Product


When my hair was at the stage I like it, I began to apply the product. The oil is light but applies quite thick to the hair, so you must be careful not to apply too much (I think I did).

The Smell: One of the most important parts to me in a product is the scent. You know how smell-driven I am from a previous post!

Now, when I opened it, I instantly spotted the notes of Rosemary in the air. After looking at the packaging I soon quickly picked up the Lavender too! The only way I can describe the scent is a very herbal yet subtle smell. The word I thought of when I took a whiff was “Apothecary”. Now, I’ve never been in one, don’t know much about them but it’s what I imagine they smell like – if that helps, probably not.

The product soon soaks up in your hair but there still remains a little bit (because I put too much on) but I like it, and this time of year when the heating is on and then it’s freezing cold.. my hair is suffering!!


(My hair hadn’t completely dried in the pictures above.)

I would recommend this oil, it has a luxury feel and I’m happy I’ve discovered a Vegan, Cruelty-Free brand along the way. Looking forward to future products released by them!

If you’d like to get it for yourselves or a friend – click here –

Thank-you for reading gals!

See you soon!

Kara xo

Christmas Blues


Every year, every Christmas that has gone by for the last 4 years or so is just not the same.

When I was a child, I was mad for Christmas. Obsessed – I was the kid that squealed at everything (sorry).

The morning of Christmas Day – around 4-5am I would wake my sister up and we would go downstairs to be ‘Santa’s Elves‘ and sort the presents out into piles for everyone! Then we would give it an hour after failing to wake Mum and dad, classic.

6am would roll around and they’d give in to our impatience.. the rules were – Mum had to have a cup of coffee before we could begin. That was the only rule. Once she’d took the first sip, we could begin!

It was exciting and we were buzzed!

About 6 years ago my sister started to have mental health issues which impacted the whole family. About 5 years ago she became suicidal and a year after that my mum decided she didn’t want to live with us anymore.

She left. Along with my sister.

The family is now divided and as much as we try to cover up the fact that things are different – they just are.

The last few years, my sister didn’t want to be a Santa’s Elf anymore, but laid on the sofa asleep whilst I carried out our tradition. Last year I didn’t even bother asking. I asked my littlest sister to help me (year 5) the prime Santa’s Elf age! Even she was half asleep – there’s just no excitement anymore.

Another thing that’s killed the spirit is that I am now playing Santa Claus alongside Dad. My mum has back problems and can’t lift heavy things nor bend over to pick things up. Whilst I felt a somewhat promotion from being a Santa’s Elf to Santa Claus, it isn’t the same and I carried out both jobs last year.

This year will probably be the same. My sisters mental health has improved greatly so I may give her a poke and see if she’s up for it.

If not I may have to do it on my own.

Christmas hasn’t been Christmas for a while now, and I thought that it was me getting older, partly probably is.

The vibe and spirit in the house isn’t there anymore. I’m not the life of the party, I’m a viber. If there’s no positive energy to feed off – I have nothing. I suppose these things are just part of becoming an adult.. I don’t like it!

I hope everybody including myself has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Speak soon,

Kara xo

Uni: The First 1st, Probably the Last!

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Well.. the presentation. Mentioned it on 3 posts now, Day + Night of AnxietyUniversity Presentation? TICK! and now this one: it’s a little excessive and I know you don’t care but I do and it’s my space to write – sorry if this isn’t ya cup of tea.

I got a bloody 1st on my first ever uni assignment. A presentation of all things too! Don’t know how you’ve done that Kara gal – maybe those double drains you stepped on, on the way to uni!

Now I won’t get too excited because I can assure you that this won’t be a regular thing. It is essay writing that’s left now. A bog standard pass will do me fine with that – too many posh bits!

I cried when I found out – of course. Purely because it’s university and I got a first?.. THAT MAKES NO SENSE?! I was still shocked at the fact I even got into uni; let alone be able to do that.

Whatever, it’s done now, I’m excited, yes. But I will continue to work hard and remain passionate about my work even though I look like a try hard. (I am, I said that in my Welcome post) 

Who’d have bloody thought it, it’s quite comical actually. Think I’m just a jammy git eh heh!

I’ll keep you updated, don’t you worry – I’m sure you’re all dying to hear more…

I’m gonna make some churros now, byeeeeeee!

Kara xo

Winter Wonderland, 2017!


On the 17th of December, I took my merry bottom all the way to London with my family to visit the ever famous; Winter Wonderland!


I had never been before and honestly, I’m a nervous wreck even thinking of London – too many people, the cars are bloody savages out there (as I saw on the day) – the fear is ver ver real!

IMG_5213 edit

This is Kieran: Kiz, Kizza(I talk about him way too much, you’ve got off lightly on here!) – absolutely HOT TO TROT. Sent from the Gods.. what a bloody picture!

Kieran (my partner – hunk above) has been asking to go to London for aaages – I shut him down instantly due to fears. It’s easy to say no.

However, I decided this time that I would video the day, make a little family memory you know? (And if we died, it would make great footage for the BBC) Whack some Christmas bops over the top and it’ll look dead cute! It was also mine and Kiz’s 6 & a half year anniversary, so cheers to that!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, it was an experience; despite the fact that it rained all day and I was borderline developing hypothermia!


Taken from the video – these were abs stunning btw… *drool*

Chips and curry sauce warmed me up no worries – and we found a little hut that hid us from the weather!

It was full of rides and food stalls that were inspired from around the world – the smell of doughnuts, churros and Nutella crepes filled the air! It was a magical funfair – just like you see in the movies! The atmosphere was merry and jolly with Christmas music in every direction you went in (certain places some classic old-school R’n’B tunes, Neyo – I see you boyyy)


Taken from the video!

When the dark rolled around early in the day as expected, our eyes were completely dazzled by the fairground lights twinkling away! There was always something to look at – it’s prevalent in the footage!

Overall I am so happy that I bit the bullet and went, I won’t mention how expensive everything is over there, it is Central London after all! (£4 for a lil tray of chips and a tablespoon of curry sauce jus’ saying, I’m just saying.)

Hyde Park was beautiful as ever with the squirrels popping out to say hello to the tourists! I tried to get footage in my video but he fled up a tiny tree! (I say he, could’ve been she, should never assume)


Me and Papa Bear, “leeeeeanin up a lamp post” – he was taking the mick out of me because I’m a poser.

If ever you have looked at going to an event in London but are worried, go with someone who you know you’ll feel safe with, mine was my Dad. Not to mention the fact Kieran holding my hand 80% of the time so I didn’t get lost in the swarm of goers!

I’m so happy and now I have a little memento so we can relive the day! Now next year when Kieran asks if I want to go, I may be partial to say yes – who knows!

Thank you for reading gals!

Kara xo

University Presentation? TICK!


Gals! I did it!

You know that 10 min presentation I did a post inspired by because I was worrying about it so much?


Now, on the day I was nervous and I did the wrong thing. I kept saying I’ll be one of the ones to go first cause I can’t wait, I’ll just have time to sit and think about it blah blah blah – well guess who waited and got themselves worked up? Me.. obviously?

It was about 8 people in, I started to cry to myself, of course… typical – I’m the one who cries at everything! Luckily only my closest friend saw as she was sat next to me and was whispering words of reassurance to me! My hands and feet wouldn’t stop moving and I was getting angry that I was crying – because it’s so typical. Why are you crying?!

“Who’s next?” Voices from the back began to say my name along with words of encouragement. I don’t know why but I knew I had to have done it there and then, I stood up, wiped my last tear and cracked on. I had to.

I won’t lie – I can’t remember too much of what happened because I just had my head down and read. All I know is, I started and I finished it. That’s what I went to uni for that day. I did it.

It was over, all those months of worrying. It was over. (There’s plenty more for me to worry about, don’t think I’m free yet)

Point is, I’ve done exactly what I said on my last post and when it was over, the whole class could breathe and just say ‘it’s over‘.

Everybody did so well and even though we were in the same boat – some handled it better than others.

I know that next time I CAN DO IT, WE ALL CAN and we will

Go out and do what you need to do this week! You’ll sleep like a baby that night I promise you!

Thank you for reading!

Kara xo

How to: Vegan Cake! 2 Ingredients!


So in the vegan community I’ve been seeing the whole ‘make a cake with soda’ going around. Honestly it looked like a “too good to be true” moment.

So I experimented, being the crazy gal I am. (I’m deffo not a crazy gal. I don’t know why I said that.)

So the recipe goes as follows.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetIngredients:

Betty Crocker Cake Mix – I used Country Carrot

1 Can of Fizzy Pop or 330ml – Lemonade and Diet Coke are the 2 most popular – I used 330ml of Lemonade

Aaand that’s it. I know – ridiculous. I did, however, add cinnamon and chopped hazelnuts for the top but that’s because I’m a posh gitProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset


Pour mixture into a bowl. (Cinnamon too if you add it)

Pour Fizzy Pop on top.

Mix and pour onto your lined baking tray.

Sprinkle whatever you want on top you’re the baker.

Aaaand that’s it. I know – ridiculous.

You want it on Gas Mark 4 for about 30 mins. Check by stabbing it and see if there’s any blo.. cake mixture on the knife. If it’s clean you got away with it.. I mean it’s done.

Surprisingly – it worked.. and very well!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

It’s a light sponge with bounce and tastes like cake! (Because it’s a cake Kara, obviously) I think next time I’ll use less drink because it went quite moist, either that or I didn’t cook it long enough!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I’ll 100% do this again, the photos aren’t great because this wasn’t going to be a post, but as it went so well I think it deserved one!

Think we know who’s getting Star Baker in this house today!

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Kara xo

A poem: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome


This poem was written for my presentation in university from the perspective of a 3-month-old born with a damaged heart, as a result of his mother drinking through pregnancy. Thank you for reading – share if you can to spread the message about FAS! It’s a lot more common than you may think! Do not drink whilst pregnant or if you are trying!

Thank you for reading!

Kara xo