5 Things: About Instagram Themes!


Hello friends, welcome back!

Now! You’ll either get on board with this or you won’t. Me? On board!

With themes, however, whilst it’s so inspiring and relaxing to see a feed to perfectly aligned with the stars. It doesn’t just happen on its own. So I’ve put together a list of 5 things about Instagram themes that you may want to consider before delving into the ‘perfect feed‘ world!

1. Be prepared to sacrifice!

A touch dramatic I know but what’s new. Now many themes follow the idea of matching colours, maybe you incorporate flowers in each picture somewhere. So yes, whilst it’s pretty, it means that any photos that don’t match your theme, you can’t post – unless you want to sacrifice all your hard work for one photo! So instead you’ll be sacrificing photos and memories that you perhaps deeply treasure and can’t share due to this reason. You can choose to put these on IG Stories though?! My IG story is one I use daily and almost picture blog/vlog my days – it is never pristine and nice and especially now these GIFs are out… it’s trashy and funky and I love it!

2. Plan!

Yes, really. Now I use a number of apps when it comes to editing and planning my feed. Backgrounds and colours may mismatch and it’s a huff and puff moment when two photos just don’t sit right next to each other. If you’re a somewhat perfectionist. This will make your skin crawl. So plan in advance and make sure you have a consistency within your feed!

3. Lighting

Now, this goes with any photography and if you’re going to have a theme, you’ll develop basic skills and a good eye for sunspots for your grid! However, you may have a dark theme so you may need low light for all of your photos, good if you want the gritty, old-school effect. If you want clean and crisp look like mine your best bet is to use natural lighting! Morning to Midday is the time I take mine as that is when the sun is in my room. Yes, it is a bit extra. But themes are hard work!!

4. Consistency and patience

You won’t start to see your IG page look fabulous after a few photos. It’s a project that you build, its directed by you, created by you and loved by you (and other’s if you’re lucky!). Don’t expect results overnight, watch it grow and develop, the more photos on your feed the better it will look, when your whole page is covered in gloriousness, that’s when you can stand back and admire your work! Others will too, I get quite a few comments from friends saying they appreciate my page, so hard work pays off!

5. Don’t Give Up!

Quite a few start their feed off and lose it, and it literally can take one photo to throw it all off, it’s happened on my account a few times and the rest of the pictures after just snowball into what might as well be a glorified Camera Roll. If you feel a photo isn’t right after uploading, you can delete it quickly and readjust. I do this many a time, nobody is perfect!

Have fun with your Instagram, I know the dreaded algorithm is throwing people off in a tizzy and rightly so, but I just post my photos because I like themes, photography and editing and that’s that! It is a somewhat escape and it’s surprising how beautiful filters make your feeds look!

Play around with the filters already on Instagram, choosing the same one over and over again will start you off with a good colour base and can finish photos off perfectly.

I’ll link a few of the accounts I’ve been loving so you get an idea of different themes!

My one (A minimal and simple theme, focusing on white and bright – plants and patterns!): @eldeeable


Just A Uniform (If you want some colour in your life, her feed is literally a walking rainbow and she has the most amazing clothing pieces you’ve ever seen!): @justauniform


Kate Spiers (A bright and minimal feed again, focussing mainly on pops of pastel colours, it’s very calming and cosy!): @kate.lavie


Holly Jade (Cooking heaven, cakes galore, bright, minimal, clean with delicate colours. She makes the best cakes and her feed is just bloody beautiful!!): @thelittleblogofvegan


Check them all out!

Thank you for reading friends!

Kara xo

8 thoughts on “5 Things: About Instagram Themes!

    1. There shouldn’t be a pressure to have a theme, I just know that they’re not as easy as they look to maintain – and actually sometimes real life accounts do better because they’re usually more interesting – it’s just personal preference xx

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